Holiday Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Actually Love in 2023

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There's a lot to love about the holidays, but chances are, your kids are most looking forward to the gifts. Even if they have been very specific about something they want (or many somethings), it's always fun to add unexpected gifts to the mix.


If you're looking for some fresh ideas for holiday gift giving this year, check out Techwalla's holiday gift guide for kids. From electric ride-on toys to Play-Doh to STEM building sets to cute jewelry, there's something for everyone. Scroll on for the list.

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This Ice Cream Truck For Open-Ended Play

One of the most popular toys of 2022, Play-Doh's ice cream truck playset is back for another year of open-ended, imaginative play. Kids can make treats with the soft serve machine and scooping station, and they can decorate with a sprinkle maker before ringing up customers at the register. It comes with 27 tools and 12 colors for sparking creativity, and the cart has a built-in storage bin to keep everything organized, which is a bonus for parents.

For ages 3+

This Unique And Super Fun Electric Ride-On Toy

This electric ride-on toy can cruise up to 6.5 miles per hour and has an accelerator and a brake. Side handlebars help the rider maneuver by leaning from side to side. The ride-on comes with a rechargeable battery and a tall rear flag for safety (and to add to the fun vibe, of course). It has a maximum weight of 110 pounds.

For ages 6+

This Wild Kratts-Themed Pixel Art Kit

Kids will love building with these fun pixel puzzle bricks, especially kids who watch "Wild Kratts" or just love animals. The set comes with 906 pieces to build an African elephant, bengal tiger, giant panda, or lion.

For ages 6+

This Architectural Model Making Fairy House Kit

Perfect for young builders, this fairy house and garden model making kit comes with everything needed to build and decorate a home for fairies. The company rates this house at a two out of 10 difficulty, so it's something young kids might need a little help with while older kids can likely work independently.

For kids ages 4+

This Montessori-Style Music Set

Give your little ones the gift of music in a fun and accessible way with this music set. It in you'll find real kid-friendly instruments that are fun to play with and make music. It also comes with a metronome, music book, and song cards.

For kids ages 18 months+

This Sweet Bracelet That Promotes Happiness

The purpose of this happiness bracelet (other than it being super cute) is to remind each kid to look for things that make them happy — whatever that may be. The stretchy bracelet features silver-plated beads with a sparkly smiley face charm and comes with this sweet message: "Wear this little bracelet every day, sending happiness your way!"

This Princess Dress Designed For Sensory Sensitive Kids

The princess dresses made by Teresita Orillac are really impressive. Not only are all the dresses sweet and stunning, they are made for sensory sensitive kids in mind — meaning, they're soft, no itchy material, no glitter, and best of all, they're machine washable. The costumes are made to look like Disney princess dresses but with their own modern spin.

For kids ages 2 to 8

This Calming Turtle Night Light Projector

This sweet turtle nightlight is equal parts a cozy plush toy and a projector that provides gentle light. The projector features a night sky effect with eight constellations. It has an automatic shut-off after 45 minutes.

For kids 0+

This 20-Inch Plush Sloth For Cuddling

Your kids will love cuddling with this adorable and super soft 20-inch sloth. There are several other animals to choose from, including a shark, cat, cow, duck, turtle, hippo, and dog.

This Coloring Tablecloth For An Ongoing Holiday Art Project

Not only will this holiday-themed tablecloth give your kids an art project to work on throughout the holiday season, it can also be used as the tablecloth for your holiday meals. It comes in three sizes and in several design options.

This Wooden Balance Board With A Slackline

The GiBoard is balance board that's great for helping kids improve coordination, balance, and agility. It's perfect for kids who are learning to skateboard or snowboard, but it's also just a super fun indoor (or outdoor) toy.

This Gigantic Batman That Turns Into A Batmobile

Whether your kid is a Batman fanatic or just loves cool toys, this Batman playset will be a winner. The epic playset features a giant Batman figure and three Gotham City vehicles: Batwing, Bat Tank, and Batcycle. There are over 40 sounds and LED lights to bring the toy to life.

For kids 5+

This Air Dough Your Kids Will Obsess Over

Air Dough is a super lightweight, non-toxic, unscented modeling compound that encourages open-ended play for kids. This bucket comes with 60 bags of air dough, including six glow-in-the-dark options. It's extra helpful that the bucket comes with a lid and is the perfect place to store all 60 bags.

For kids ages 3+

This Fingerboarding Skate Park

Fingerboarding is just like skateboarding, but with your fingers. This super cool, customizable 30-inch playset lets kids shred on ramps, rails, stairs, and a picnic table. It comes with a fingerboard, and best of all, everything can be stored inside the foldable set.

For kids ages 6+

This Furry Blast From The Past

Twenty five years after its debut, Furby is back to bring joy to a new generation of kids. The plush toy plays over 45 sounds, including music and funny phrases in Furbish, the Furby language. Available for preorder on Amazon, Furby will begin shipping on Dec. 1. There are six mini Furby's to choose from.

For kids ages 6+

These Aesthetically Pleasing Building Bricks

This set of 10 large white cardboard blocks is ideal for toddlers who have an interest in stacking and building. The company sells sets with more blocks for building larger towers and forts. While the bricks are super fun for kids and help them develop their fine motor skills, they also come in a variety of colors and patterns that'll actually look good in your space, and that's a huge bonus.

For kids ages 18 mos+

This Throwback LAVA Lamp

It's probably been a while since you've seen a LAVA lamp (like, since the '90s, perhaps), but the world's coolest lamp didn't go out of style. In fact, it's back and ready to captivate a new generation. LAVA lamps come in a few size options and provide a soft light that can be used as a nightlight or ambient lighting.

These Professional Markers For Budding Artists

If your older kids enjoy drawing and coloring, you have to try these alcohol-based markers. Technically, little kids will love them too, but they don't come out of clothes easily, so that part's up to you. This particular pack comes with 48 double tipped colors — either with a chisel and brush tips or fine and brush tips. The company also sells larger sets and skin tone sets.


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