How to Transform Your Child's Artwork Into a Book so You Can Toss the Clutter

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If you were to keep every piece of art your child creates, you'd likely need to dedicate an entire room for artwork storage. While it's fantastic that kids are using their imaginations, that's just... too much paper. Thankfully, there's an affordable solution.


Scribble is an app that transforms your child's artwork into a stunning book, so you can keep their artwork without actually keeping their artwork.

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Built by a dad who wanted to inspire more creativity in his kids, Scribble let's you scan artwork into the app where the background is automatically removed. So, you're left with just the art on a background color of your choice.

The book has a matte cover and comes in several color options. It comes in two sizes: 11 inches by 8.5 inches and 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Each book includes 24 pages, and you can add pages at an additional $.30 per page with a maximum of 200 pages.


Scribble also has an option to customize wrapping paper with your child's art.


The wrapping paper can include one picture and is sold in sets of five sheets. It makes for the sweetest surprise for birthday and holiday gifts.



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