Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Gifts You'll Also Want for Yourself

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As the holidays approach, it's time to decide what you're going to gift your friends and family (and maybe yourself too, because why not?). If you could use some help finding cool products, you've come to the right spot.


From photo printers to outdoor games to hats with cool vibes to charcuterie subscription, there's something for every type of adult in your life.

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This Pocket Sized Photo Printer

Perfect for anyone who enjoys printing pictures from their phone, the Polaroid Hi-Print easily connects to smartphones and prints wirelessly. It has a sleek, compact design that literally fits in your pocket. Plus, it has a companion app with editing tools.

This Sunrise Alarm That Doubles As A Sound Machine

Hatch is a sunrise alarm clock that slowly turns on like a sunrise to support your natural circadian rhythm so waking up to an alarm doesn't feel so jarring. The accompanying app offers white noise, brown noise, pink noise, etc., as well as the option to change the color of the light. With a Hatch+ subscription, you get access to even more sounds, meditations, sleep stories, and more.

These Customizable Photo Tiles

These customizable photo tiles make the perfect gift (even if the gift is for yourself). Upload your favorite photos or art and choose if you want a separate photo in each tile or one photo split across multiple tiles. There are framed tiles, glass tiles, and a fun skateboard design to choose from. Aside from their simplistic and stunning design, the magnetic photo tiles make a great gift because they're easy to hang and won't damage walls.

This Three-Piece Flask Set That Fits An Entire Bottle Of Wine

No need to bring a glass wine bottle on your outdoor adventures. Instead, bring this three-piece flask set. The vacuum insulated flask can hold a full bottle of wine while keeping the temperature consistent. It comes with two premium stainless steel tumblers, and you can choose from four colors.

This Travel Backpack Designed For Adventure

This sleek and ultralight backpack can fit a large amount of stuff, making it a great choice for weekend trips or day adventures. Made of cordura ripstop nylon, the backpack is designed to offer comfortable support for all day wear. A full length zipper allows for easy on-body access, which is ideal for traveling with kids as they ask for their 64th snack.

This Super Fun Outdoor Game For The Whole Family

The perfect mix between pickleball and roundnet, PaddleSmash is a new outdoor game that's fun, easy to learn, and is full of healthy competition. It can be played in the grass, on pavement, at the beach, or anywhere with plenty of space. The set comes with four pickleball paddles, two balls, and a case.

This Charcuterie Kit For All Those Holiday Parties

Whether you buy a one-time charcuterie kit or you join Platterful's subscription service as a gift or for yourself, you won't be disappointed. With each kit, you'll get new meats, cheeses, and accompaniments delivered to your door. The company also sells vegan and gluten free kits. It's a great way to bring a fancy charcuterie board to a party, impressing your friends, without actually doing planning and shopping.

This Baked Goods Gift Basket You'll Want For Yourself

From whoopie pies to mini bundt cakes to brownies to cookies, there's a whole lot of decadence happening in this baked goods gift basket. If sweets aren't your thing, the company offers a lot more gifting options, including baskets of wine, cheese, beer, and more for all occasions.

This Perfect Gender-Neutral Bucket Hat For Winter

While you can certainly wear this corduroy bucket hat year-round, it's a great winter option since it's a bit heavier than the typical bucket hat. The hat comes in small/medium and large/extra large.

This Well-Made Camel Fedora

Sure, beanies are great in the colder months, but it you want to add some style to your headwear (or to your loved one's headwear), the Dylan fedora from Yellow 108 is a top-notch choice. It's made with the highest quality felt for a stiff fit that'll perfectly break in. The fedora is available in sizes small to extra-large, and it's great for all genders.    

This Gorgeous Travel Jewelry Case

Instead of throwing your essential travel jewelry in a bag and hoping for the best, this stylish vegan leather travel jewelry case will keep it organized. Equally as impressive is Hello Adorn's jewelry to put inside the case, from this new moon pendant to these best-selling tiny twist earrings and everything in between.

These Extra Cool High Tops

A solid pair of shoes always makes a great holiday gift, especially if the shoes are super rad like these PF. Flyers. Everything from the color of the canvas sneakers to the fit to the comfort level is perfection.

This Best-Selling Temperature Controlled Mug

Once you try this smart temperature controlled mug, there's no going back to a regular mug. Through the app, you can set the preferred temperature between 120 degrees and 145 degrees, and it'll stay at that exact temperature for up to 80 minutes or all day if you place it on its charging coaster. Choose from eight colors in a 10- or 14-ounce mug.

This Bluetooth Microphone For Karaoke

This handheld karaoke microphone lets you razzle and dazzle your friends with your phenomenal singing skills (or mediocre sing skills). Connect your phone via Bluetooth or cable and play your favorite songs. The mic comes in 15 fun colors.

This Best-Selling Heated Foot Massager

Give the gift of a foot massage any time of the day. This shiatsu foot massager has adjustable intensity levels and massage modes, as well as a heat function and air compression. The foot cover is detachable for easy washing.



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